In the past, the Karachi Race Club raced about 1200 horses who’s owners ranked amongst the Top echelons of Society, to give a few names Prince Yousuf Mirza, Mr. Akbar Liquat Ali Khan, Col. Abid Hussain, Mr. Syed Babar Ali, Mr. Sony Habibullah, Mr. Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah, Mohammad Ashraf Rana and Shah Mardan Shah II Pir Pagaro VII.
It has taken the management of the Karachi Race Club 14 years of hard work to attract new owners so that racing can reach the standard and the number of race horse of the 50th & 60th when they were over 1200 horses.
Today in the present location there are over 600 horses and the racing oscillates from the distance of 5 Furlongs to 1 Mile.
There are only 3 races about 1800 meters to 2400 meters yearly.
The Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup distance about 2400 meters.
Primarily the racing in Karachi is geared for Sprinting to middle distance racing, due to the Nature of the breeding in the Studs up Country.
Stake Money is increasing yearly to encourage the owners to buy more animals.
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